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Are you looking to push the creative envelope of pop music?

Then you've come to the right place.


Hey, I'm Julien and I spend my life in a dark little room writing producing music for artists who want challenge the musical status quo.

Catchy doesn't have to mean predictable: if you're looking to take a great song and push your sonic universe beyond traditional pop boundaries, then we I reaaaallly want to chat.  

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With credits including placements on major streaming services like Hulu or, Editorial Spotify playlists (New Music Friday Canada, Montreal Chill, Outliers...), and amazing artists like Cinzia & The Eclipse, Clerel, Dani Zanoni or Lyric Jones, I spend most of my time chasing a sound larger than life on the edgier fringes of pop where rock, RnB, jazz and electronic music meet.

My core belief is that artists who are truly successful today are bolder and more authentic than ever. They're not afraid to break every rule in the book if it gets them to a place where their music will truly captivate their audience.

Selected Works

Selected Works

Yes, I've actually made music before.

Need more examples? Shoot me a message anywhere for the full disco!

So how is this going

to go down?

Remote co-production

Working from my Montreal Studio, I've spent years developing a unique remote production workflow to produce songs with

artists all over the world.  Whether you're in the room or in another continent, you'll be involved every step of the way.


"Julien is a Gem! Working with him has been such a pleasure. An incredible talent who listens, is a great team player, and puts his heart into everything he creates. He makes every session productive and enjoyable. Always willing to go above and beyond to make sure you love the final product. All around wonderful guy, producer & musician. Could not recommend him more."


—  Dani Zanoni, Artist

Abstract Paint

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We've got great music to make, and no time to waste. Let's get to work.  |  Tel: 514 - 836 - 8894 | Montreal, Canada

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